Patient treatment

In the consumer section of our website, there are top tips and FAQs for acne care which can be shared with customers. These provide acne sufferers with sensible guidance on skin care, a healthy diet and exercise and simple lifestyle changes that can be made to improve their skin. You will be well aware that engaging with your patients and customers improves the patient-professional relationship, safeguards the person’s health and encourages repeat pharmacy visits.

When to refer

Acne is a sensitive issue which can severely affect a person’s self-esteem, confidence and hamper their social interaction and quality of life. If time allows, gentle, sensitive questioning and reassurance can reveal other health problems contributing to their acne outbreak, which may necessitate a referral to a nurse or physician. This is a key way in which a pharmacist or member of the pharmacy team can support their fellow healthcare professionals and take a proactive approach to their patients and customers health.

In teenagers and young people acne is most commonly a sign of hormonal fluctuations associated with adolescence. Occasionally, however, and particularly in older patients, acne may signify other underlying conditions and a referral may be necessary.

Refer your patient or customer if:

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