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Hey its Lillie here and today I’m going to be sharing my top 6 makeup items to take to university! 1.Primer Primers work like moisturisers; easing the application of foundation and creating a barrier between foundation and skin, minimising pores, creating a smooth base perfect for the rest of your makeup application. My fave primer is by Murad, its a little on the pricey side but it gives a beautiful dewy finish, unlike a lot of other primers which are mattifying on the face. 2.Foundation A must have! Endless types of foundation on the highstreet mean that there is no excuse for not having the correct type and shade. If you don't have a favourite foundation yet, I recommend starting out with True Match or Rimmel. 3.Blush or Bronzer When those dreaded exams make an appearance a quick swipe of colour on your cheeks will create a natural and healthy glow, no one will know you have been up all night studying! And for when you inevitably have a fake tanning disaster (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) bronzer will help to make your tan look natural, its best to apply bronzer with a large, fluffy brush to the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face- your cheekbones, your forehead and the tip of your nose! 4.Mascara Mascara is vital for looking alive at those early morning lectures! The top mascaras to make my eyes pop for my 9am lectures and last all day (and all night!) are; L'Oreal Voluminous, Maybelline Great Lash and CoverGirl LashBlast. HOWEVER my ultimate, favourite is Benefit’s roller lash, it lasts so long and is SO voluminous that despite being on the pricier side, it is always a necessity. 5.Eyeliner Eyeliner is used to define your eyes, the classic black shade is guaranteed to look good on all skin tones. But- if you feel like stepping outside of your comfort zone, coloured eyeliner is the way to go! If you have fair skin, you should try out a soft dark-brown, using a brow brush in an eye shadow is an easy way to replicate this! Light to medium skin tones should consider a dark navy; the blue makes the whites of your eyes look brighter, making you look more awake. I love this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcur7Z-xzLo for creating a classic pinup winged eyeliner! 6.Brow Pencil Without my eyebrows drawn on I remind myself of the ‘celebrities without eyebrows’ photos, warning, you may die laughing http://celebswithnoeyebrows.com/ I use liner to define and fill-in areas where my brows are sparser from over-plucking.

Dual action against spots and acne

Welcome! We've put together this site to provide you with as much info as possible about Quinoderm, how it works, why it's effective and the difference it has made to people affected with acne.
Quinoderm creams are unique - they are the only dual action benzoyl peroxide combination products available from your pharmacy without a prescription. So there's no need to make an appointment with your GP, just have a chat with your pharmacist.
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